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Study Abroad
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Before you can move the world, let the world move you.

In order to better understand our diverse and changing world, immerse yourself in another culture. Iona's Study Abroad programs make it possible and affordable for students to acquire knowledge through direct exposure to different world cultures as reflected in art, architecture, language and history. These study abroad experiences can fulfill graduation requirements and enhance career preparation through the invaluable experience of living and learning in another culture.

Iona College sponsors a wide variety of ongoing study abroad programs in locations around the world including:

Semester programs in Australia and Ireland,
Summer programs in France, Italy, England, and Spain
Spring Break programs in Auschwitz, Poland
Winter Break programs in Sorrento, Italy
Junior Year Abroad in England at Oxford University

New undergraduate study abroad programs are being developed in countries around the world.
Name Email Phone
Genevieve Harding 914-633-2221
Ms. Sarah Newman 914-633-2282