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Announcements : Semester Program Cost

Announcement: Semester Program Cost

So how much is a semester program going to cost you? Click this article to find out more.
Students who participate in an Iona College semester-long study abroad program will be charged the same amount of money as if the student were living on campus in New Rochelle and taking classes. This covers students tuition, housing, and food while abroad. The only exception to this is in come locations not all meals are provided. In this case, Iona will deduct an appropriate proportion off the food costs to account for this additional out of pocket expense.  For example, if the host institution provides 2/3 of a students meals, the student will only be charged 2/3 of the regular on campus food price for the semester. Please note, there are other expenses to consider such as airfare, health insurance, independent travel, gifts, eating out, baggage fees, books, and other incidentals.