3809 0 Signature Verification Please remember that you must first physically submit a "Signature Verification" form with a government issued ID to the Study Abroad Office before you will be able to electronically sign any required documents. 0 3811 0 Dates Subject to Change All dates are subject to change. The Office of Study Abroad will to its best to secure financially reasonable airfares and accommodations which may mean changing the program dates minimally. 0 3929 0 Study Abroad Handbook Worldwide: Basic Health and Safety In this announcement, you will learn how to stay well while Abroad. The process of wellness starts before you go abroad with a visit to your doctor. You may need to get inoculations to protect you from various illnesses before traveling. You will also learn some tips about food and water safety. 285 3953 0 CISI Insurance Policy Attached is Study Abroad's CISI (Cultural Insurance Services International) Insurance Policy. It includes a schedule of benefits and a few remarks on those benefits. 215 4128 0 Health and Safety Resources 2080